Tim Zaragoza began his image-making career from an early age, working on prints in the darkroom of the Potomac School, a highschool for the arts outside of Washington DC.

Dissatisfied with the scholastic praxis he found in his traditional undergraduate program, and driven by an instinct to explore the world directly, Tim moved west to Berkeley, California where he lived and practiced Zen Mediation with Sojun Mel Weitsman Roshi.

Afterwords, Tim attended the San Francisco Art Institute, famous for its experimental approach, working in the fields of painting, performance and video art. 

Moving to New York, he transitioned into fashion photography, assisting renowned photographers Tim Richardson and Richard Burbridge.

Tim's own work in fashion owes its conception to an irreverent and international Brooklyn art scene.  Guided by a conceptual take on beauty- there is a sense of nuance in Tim's work; where the photographic subject engages the cultural moment with refreshing simplicity.

Tim's now resides in New York and Paris.


H&M, Air France Madame, Bloomingdales, Diesel, El Palacio de Hierro, Forever21, Interscope Records, New York Magazine, Ports, Sony Music Japan, ELLE Japan, THE CUT, DAZED&CONFUSED Korea,       V Magazine, V-Spain, Wonderland, The Last Magazine, S-Magazine, German Glamour, Italian Grazia, REMIX, ELLE, PLEASE! Magazine, NOTOFU, BLVD magazine, Harpers Bazaar Mexico, and Harpers Bazaar KZ, L'Officiel Singapore.


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